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James J. Brown
National Director of Business Development 

NV5/Bock & Clark


James J. Brown (Jim) was named National Director of  Business Development for NV5/Bock & Clark in April 2017.  

Jim has been with the company since 1983 in all aspects of  the survey business.  Prior to his current position, he served as Director of Bock & Clark’s National Surveyors Network for  fifteen years overseeing, managing and developing the staff  and Project Teams. He has been involved with the National  Network since 1994 and has managed hundreds of projects  and coordinated and reviewed thousands of surveys.  Jim  started his career at Bock & Clark as a field technician, drafter and then manager of their Mortgage Location Services  Division. He was instrumental in opening three branch offices in Ohio and developing additional offices in other states.

He has spent the last several years working on business development with Bock & Clark’s sales  and marketing division and strategizing business plans. Jim offers presentations on ALTA/NSPS  Land Title Surveys and Survey Review to hundreds of Law Firms, Bar Associations, CLE Providers, Corporations and Law Schools across the country every year and has co-authored the last several versions of Bock & Clark’s Handbook for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys.  

Jim’s practical surveying experience began while attending college in the late 1970’s when he  began working for the Portage County Engineer’s Office in Ohio.  He was a draftsman in the  county map department reviewing land surveyor’s work and legal descriptions for recording and drawing plot plans. He was promoted to the position of supervisor and Assistant Tax Map  Draftsman to the County Engineer, Leroy Satrom, P.E., P.S.    

Jim is a native Ohioan and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Kent State University.

Bock & Clark was acquired by the publicly traded company NV5 Global in April 2018 and is a national commercial real estate due diligence provider specializing in ALTA Surveys, Zoning  Reports, Phase I and Phase II ESAs and Property Condition Assessments. 

For more information contact us at 1-800-787-8397 or visit our web site

NOTE: Excerpts from some of Jim’s presentation are available for viewing on the “Educational Tools and Seminars” tab on the Bock & Clark website. 

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